Is wide open in some aspects, but there a lot of great goalies in Canada, said Holtby, the Lloydminster, Alta., product who is the least heralded netminder of the crew. Whatever the management feels whatever is the best fit. I think all of us have the same mindset.

The most dramatic rescue was at Circle V Ranch Camp, where firefighting and search and rescue crews saved dozens of children and their counselors trapped at the end of a narrow dirt road. That night, the Whittier Fire burned over the crest of the mountains, quickly scorching some 1,500 acres and threatening front country residences in westernmost Goleta. But within 48 hours as winds backed off, temperatures dropped, and a sizable marine layer arrived containment jumped to 49 percent.

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Navy has suspended search and rescue efforts.”All navies have experienced tragic events. Navy’s 7th Fleet.The remains of one sailor was confirmed as Electronics Technician 3rd Class Kenneth Aaron Smith, 22, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Navy said Navy and Marine Corps divers will continue search and recovery efforts for the missing sailors in the flooded compartments of the ship.Gov.