I cannot believe the Tribune devoted so much space to the article on Suze Orman (“The Metafiscal Guru,” July 11). I am tired of adults whining about their parents. Did it ever occur to Suze that her father was trying to earn a living for her family? Did it ever occur to her that maybe he was embarrassed about his lack of success? Did it ever occur to her that perhaps she is successful today because of him and not in spite of him? I would like to take Suze by the ear and drag her to her father’s grave and have her beg his forgiveness..

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cheap jewelry District Judge Kenneth Marra asked Daoud if he wanted to say anything before he was sentenced dangle earrings, Daoud hesitantly replied: “I’d rather not.”More than a dozen people wrote letters in support of Daoud, including several who gently teased him for his previously squeaky clean image because he never drank, smoked or even got a speeding ticket.A handful of supporters, including Fox News anchor Jamie Colby, accompanied Daoud to court but only Haddad spoke on his behalf. His brother, a retired police officer, and a cousin, major Democratic fundraiser and Miami businessman Christopher Korge, asked for leniency for Daoud.Longtime family friends who wrote letters of support included Philip Shailer, who served as both Broward Public Defender and Broward State Attorney; Sal Oliveri, the former Hollywood mayor and city commissioner; Oliveri’s son in law Mark Smith, a former assistant police chief for Hollywood; and former Miami Dade County Judge Jonathan T. Colby.Other supporters included local jewelry business workers and representatives of several South Florida charities who wrote that Daoud has donated considerable time and money to helping needy children, cancer patients and other good causes.Scott Rothstein, 51, is serving 50 years in federal prison for masterminding one of the biggest investment frauds in South Florida history. cheap jewelry

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Men’s Jewelry On the outside, it looks like just another luxury home along what’s known as Millionaires Row in the exclusive Sweetwater Club community of northwest Seminole County. But inside, the 11,549 square foot home and 2,132 square foot guesthouse, proved to be anything but usual. And as the Lanes found, the place turned out to be the ultimate handyman’s special Men’s Jewelry.