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Soon as I started driving, I liked other bands better, he said. The Surf Boards, where I got to play guitar and sing and there was more drinking, more fun. I even got to be Banger for a while. The concert was 3.6 hours long. Paul served pecan honey ham and appetizers. It took a long time to open all the gifts.

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Remember Bob [Wagner] would go to camp, learn a move, come back and the first thing he do is teach Lenny, said Wake, who coached Bias on the AAU circuit. Lenny today and Lenny would use it tomorrow. He was that quick of a learner and good of an athlete.

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In later years he developed leukemia, though he practised dentistry and played golf up to his death at Camden House on Nov. 6, 1951, at the age of 70. His remains were cremated, sent back to New Glasgow and buried in the Lorne Street Cemetery. The competition will be held in three divisions: children (ages 10 and under), junior (ages 11 to 17) and adults (18 and over), with beginner, intermediate and advanced categories. Climbers will be awarded points for each route climbed, and should a climber a route meaning complete it on the first try they earn a bonus point. At the end of the climbing period for each division, the climber with the most points wins..

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