Today Bull grandson, also named Jos and his son Jos Tom run several carefully controlled tours each day. As we wind our way along the damp steps that Jos family built, using oil lamps for guidance, we try to imagine his grandfather first trips through these pitch dark chambers. Or those early humans who found their way deep into this mountain and painted these strikingly accurate pictures a horse outlined in red ochre, mountain goats, cattle, a pregnant mare, a great fish in black with what looks like a seal inside it, stick like humans who appear to be hunting, even strange symbols.

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Alabama: Within Alabama, the species is only found in the two counties of Houston County and Mobile County (Opler et al. 2007). These southern regions of the state have the suitable habitat and temperature requirements for the species to exist and reproduce in.

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You can think, “Wonderful! This thing is wonderful! It gives me more opportunity to observe a problem. Where is the pain? Can you find it?” Where is your pain? On your head? You don’t have the real pain on your head. You have projected the concept there.

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